Enhance Office Productivities through GojiAir

Business invests huge amount of time, effort and money to increase employees’ productivity. They usually include on-the-job training, new protocols & workspace programs etc. Recent researches indicate that a good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can improve office productivity by more than 10%. Good IAQ has been shown to reduce “sick building syndrome symptoms”, cut absenteeism, and even reduce infectious disease transmission

A Good IAQ management plan is a must for each company.

GojiAir provides one-stop-shop IAQ management approach which includes- Inspection, Specify, Supply & Install, and Maintenance. Each level of support and guidance is provided to customers.

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1. IAQ Inspection
GojiAir offers indoor air quality inspection service to ensure our customers understands their work environment.

The usual test subjects of air pollutants are: Particle Matter(PM), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Nitrogen dioxide(NO), Volatile organic compounds(VOC) and Formaldehyde.

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2. GojiAir Purification System
The Purification technologies used in GojiAir systems mainly consist of 3 parts:

-Filtration of Particle Matters and Bacteria;
-Extermination of Virus and Bacteria;
-Neutralisation of VOC

The system has been widely adopted in Commercial and house-hold premises, and proven to: -
-Remove 99% VOC
-Kill 99% Virus and Germs
-Filter 99% PM2.5/PM10

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3. Monitoring
Smart Sensors tracks IAQ attributes in the air and provides warning when the air is unhealthy and/or uncomfortable in the surrounding atmosphere. Smartsensors identify the five key factors that determine the air quality: chemicals, dust, carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature. Understanding is the key to finding a solution, this tool ensures a happy, healthy, productive and safe indoor environment.

GojiAir allows IAQ management to be a sustainable part of customer’s regular operations.

Contact us today and we willnexplain how easy it is to improve your working conditions and create an environment where you and your team can operate at peak performance levels.

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