GAPH-10 Domestic Air Purifier

Which pollutants are harmful to human health?

Dust mites, second-hand smoke, incense, and burning mosquito-repellent incense, which are invisible to the naked eye and thinner than bacteria (called PM2.5 suspended particles), are difficult to excrete through metabolism after inhalation.

Paints, daily household cleaners, furniture, air fresheners, candles and aromas all emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, phenylides, organic chlorides, fluorides, organic ketones, amines, alcohols, VOCs have been shown to lead to a variety of chronic diseases, carcinogenic and even leukemias, such as ether esters, acids and petroleum compounds.

Airborne viral viruses such as influenza, encephalitis, etc.

Various outdoor pollutions bring harmful gases into the wind, such as carbon monoxide CO, sulfur dioxide SO2, nitrogen dioxide NO2 and lead compounds.

GojiAir is a comprehensive air purifier developed and designed for the above pollutants. The advantages of GojiAir are:

Effectively eliminates odor

Comprehensive sterilization

Decomposition of harmful gases

No secondary pollution

Safe and low power consumption


At present, the mainstream air purifiers on the market rely on the high adsorption of HEPA and activated carbon to adsorb harmful pollutants and inhibit the activity of bacterial viruses. However, the user must pay attention to avoid the saturation failure of the activated carbon filter, because when the activated carbon fails, it will start to release the stored pollutants, causing secondary pollution.

GojiAir nano-active oxygen purifier has abandoned the traditional passive inhibition method, adopts oxidation treatment technology, can actively kill 99.98% of bacteria and virus in the air, and process a new generation of NCCO technology to safely treat oxygen. At the same time, it can decompose more than 99.98% of VOC and other harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water.


GojiAir products combine scientific and humanized design, with excellent components and strict production quality supervision to achieve a removal rate of 99.6% for VOC, air flow can reach 200m3 / hour, and power consumption is only 19W, 24 hours continuous Operation, electricity costs do not exceed $0.5. That's right! Only 19W, less than half a day! Moreover, the air purifier can automatically sleep for 30 minutes after 8 hours of continuous operation, so it can be used continuously and safely.


GojiAir Nano Oxygen Air Purifier adopts triple purification technology:

The first weight is HEPA, which removes more than 99% of PM2.5 dust.

The second is active oxidation treatment, eliminating 99.98% of bacteria and viruses in the air. It is no longer the traditional passive, restraining, and can completely eliminate secondary pollution.

The third is GojiAir's new generation of NCCO nano-scale active oxygen technology, which rapidly decomposes more than 99.98% of VOC and harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water.

GojiAir Nano Active Oxygen Purifier can quickly achieve 99.9% clearance of PM2.5 suspended particles, bacteria and viruses, VOC and harmful gases.

At present, commercially available air purification equipment rarely has powerful and comprehensive purification capabilities like GojiAir. It is worth every time you pursue health!


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