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EF ENGLISH CENTERS creates a quality learning environment

EF's full name is "Education First", which was founded in 1965 by Bertil Hult and his family members in Sweden and has more than 50 years of global teaching experience. It is the world's largest private English education institution.

The English education product EF Englishtown, which was developed together with Apple, was officially born in 1995. Through the professional English learning system developed by EF, we provide high quality and effective adult English education in Hong Kong under the EF Englishtown brand, and open many rooms. English Training Center. By 2018, the product was officially renamed EF English Centers, and EF English Centers is also an excellent brand and project of EF.

EF English Centers has been serving since 2015. It is often plagued by odors including renovation work and air conditioning. It has not been tried to try different deodorization methods.

The GojiAir Air Quality Advisory Team provides professional indoor air quality testing, air consulting services and viable solutions for the EF English Centers. Finally, the GojiAir Air Purification System is used in the classrooms and staff rooms to greatly improve the indoor air quality of the schools and provide cleanliness for students and staff. air.

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Dog station provides a better service environment

The dog station was established in 2009. The services include online pet supplies delivery, retail sales and pet grooming services. They carefully select the “health selection” of each brand, and cooperate with the pet owners to raise different needs, so that pets can get more progress. Health and life care!

The pet dog grooming service provides high-quality services for dozens of pets every day. The store is inevitably filled with the strong smell of cats and dogs. It is difficult to eliminate the use of detergents alone. If too many detergents are used, the indoors will be filled with harmful compounds. Long-term impact on employee and pet health.

To enable pets to enjoy the beauty service while enjoying a quality service environment, the GojiAir Air Quality Advisory Team provides professional indoor air quality testing, air consultation services and improvement solutions for the dog station. Finally, the GojiAir air purification system is installed in the beauty room to eliminate the odor. It also enhances indoor air quality and provides clean air for employees and pets.


Goji Studio enhances indoor air quality

Goji Studio was founded in early 2017 and has more than 20,000 members to date. Goji Studio combines fitness, nutrition and diet. In addition to providing complete fitness equipment, professional fitness instructors are on-site, and specially arrange dietitians to design healthy and high-quality meal menus for guests, and set up Wellness Corner to provide tailor-made and professional Sports rehabilitation and treatment services.

As a partner of GojiAir, all Goji Studios stores have installed advanced air purification system GojiAir, which uses new technology to enhance air convection, filter volatile organic compounds, particles and toxic gases in the air, and reduce allergens, odors and disease.

The indoor air of Goji Studios is cleaned 3 times per hour by the system and has been awarded the "Excellent" rating by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department's Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme. Breathing clean air rejuvenates the body and mind, making Goji Studios an oasis away from Hong Kong's air pollution.